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Home Live Seminario Jazz & Música Moderna Alhaurín de la Torre

Seminario Jazz & Música Moderna Alhaurín de la Torre

Seminario Jazz & Música Moderna Alhaurín de la Torre


These musicians are today one of the most outstanding people on the global jazz scene, and it makes us very happy to have been able to bring them together for the occasion.
This year, as a novelty, the seminar will be held at the municipal music school of Cartama (instead of Alhaurín de la Torre). Cartama is a beautiful town in Malaga, with great cultural activity and a beautiful natural landscape. Instrument, combo and masterclasses will be given at the school. At the end of classes a bus will take care of taking the students to the MVA auditorium in Malaga, where every day, some of the teachers of the seminar will perform a concert (FREE FOR STUDENTS). Concluding this one, the bus will bring everyone back to the place where the jam sessions will be held in Cartama. It’s four intense days full of music, living together and beautiful experiences.
This year, we encourage you to stay at GCE Hotels de Cartama. Hotel close to the music school, which would be in its entirety for the students and teachers of the seminar during those days, where the jam sessions will be held and where they will offer an exclusive prices for the students of the seminar (52 € habac double ion / 40 € single room / 65 € triple room) with breakfasts included.
For four days students will enjoy: instruments classes with guest artists, combos directed by starting teachers, masters class, stellar concerts and jam sessions, all this in a nice environment, with good weather and com excellent ride. So, we look forward to your presence and that you enjoy this magnificent experience and magic of the seminar.



Feb 02 - 06 2023