Craxton Hall recording

Sara Dowling recording her album at Craxton hall London


When i decided to do some filming i was determined not to have a studio environment with everyone wearing earphones and wires all over the place. I wanted elegant gents, natural light, a nice frock and an old fashioned Bluthner piano. Ladies and gentlemen i found it, Craxton Hall in the heart of Hamstead designed and built in 1901 by the artist George Hillyard. Professor Harold Craxton O.B.E (Royal Academy of Music), an eminent and much-loved pianist and teacher, lectured, taught and entertained at the house and accompanied some of the finest singers and musicians of the day. A room steeped with history and a musical story was an inspirational place to film. The rest of the magic came from the fellas, (Gabriel Latchin, Jeremy Brown and Matt Home the most wonderful rhythm section. It certainly was a fun day with pictures taken by Josh Excell and my dear brother Patrick Dowling. Filming was done by Dan Redding and audio recorded by Jules jackson. What a team!!!